How Can You Prevent Needing to Replace a Toilet?


Having to repair or even replace a toilet can be a real struggle. Follow these tips to prevent that from being necessary!

Replacing or repairing a toilet isn’t all that difficult, but it’s no surprise that it does take some work—work that could potentially be easily avoidable. Your toilet is an absolutely essential plumbing fixture so it’s critical that you keep it in working order as most homeowners can’t afford clogs or downtime in their plumbing like that. No worries, though, as we here at Mahon Plumbing have some toilet maintenance tips to keep you up and in business.

Always Offer Alternate Means of Garbage Disposal

Clogs sometimes happen because there aren’t any other disposal options in the bathroom, leaving occupants no choice but to throw just about anything and everything into your precious toilets. In reality, only waste and toilet paper should be going down your drain, so it’s important that you keep a small trash can around all toilets as a means of disposing of other trash.

Keeping Your Space Clear

Sometimes, toilet clogs come as a result of objects on countertops getting knocked into the bowl. If you have too many little knick knacks crowding your counter spaces or even above your toilets themselves, you may want to cut down on it all and keep the space a bit more tidy so you don’t run the risk of accidentally knocking something into the bowl.

Flush More Than Once When Needed

If you need to, flush your toilets twice after using them. However, if you notice that this is becoming a common recurrence, then you may be dealing with a bigger issue at hand. This could be symbolic of an overall problem with your plumbing—plus, flushing so many times is a huge waste of water and can help drive your water bills up. Call your local plumber and find out what needs to be done.

Know How to Plunge

You likely own a plunger, but have you ever had to use it? Follow these basic steps: place the plunger into the bowl over the drainage hole. Plunge vigorously until the water levels in the toilet begin to go down, signifying that the clog has been removed and your bathroom is restored to its former glory!

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