4 Plumbing Features Some Homeowners May Not Be Aware Of


These plumbing features can be incredibly useful in the event of a disaster so it’s important to familiarize yourself!

For homeowners, worrying about plumbing is the last thing you want to have to worry about. It’s often an “out of sight, out of mind” topic for sure, as no one really considers what’s going on with their plumbing until there’s a problem. That said, having a little bit of knowledge and know-how can end up saving you some money—and stress—in the long run. These are four features of your home’s plumbing system that you may be unaware of but are certainly worth knowing about.

1. Cut-Off Valves

Cut-off valves are used when you need to cut water off to a specific fixture, like your toilets or sink. These can be incredibly important if you notice one of these fixtures leaking, especially your toilet, which could leak unsanitary and dirty water into your home and cause serious water damage issues. It’s great to know where these valves are in case you need to shut off water to a specific fixture but aren’t sure when someone will be able to fix it so you don’t want to turn all of your water off.

2. Water Main Valve

Not every home has cut-off valves, but every home needs to have a water main valve installed. This allows water to come into your house at all and in the case of an emergency pipe leak or burst, you’ll need to close this valve quickly. You should know where yours is in case of an emergency because turning off the water to the whole home may be the best way to prevent water damage.

3. Water Meters

Water meters are used to give you an overall sense of your system’s health and how it’s doing. Some meters on the market are able to determine whether or not your home has leaks or give you detailed info on your water usage if pinching pennies is your thing, so be on the lookout for updated and modern water meter technology.

4. Water Pressure Regulators

Water pressure regulators are used to let you know if the pressure of your water coming in is too high. This is nice if you’re about to take a shower and don’t want to get sprayed down with hot water coming at you way too fast, so sometimes it’s nice to take note of your water pressure and see if it needs to be changed at all.

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