Why You Should Be Careful With Liquid Drain Cleaners


Drain cleaner is convenient, but is it the best option for clearing out your drains?

If your drain gets backed up, liquid drain cleaners may be an appealing option. After all, they seem cost-effective, easy-to-use, and readily available. It’s not always the best option though, as some products can actually do major damage to your drains that could cost you a lot more one day. It’s best to contact your local plumber, but let’s take a look at why drain cleaners may not be ideal.

Potentially Damaging Chemicals

Hydrochloric acid and other kinds of acidic elements of cleaners can actually eat away at your pipes while it sits in your drain. Sure, it may eat up whatever is causing the clog, but is it really worth it? Older pipes, in particular, are more susceptible to erosion. Even copper pipes are prone to damage from cleaner over time.

Could Be Bad for Your Health

Some of the combinations of chemicals found in cleaners are dangerous to inhale and can even be harmful to your skin if you aren’t wearing gloves. Some people report that the fumes from these cleaners can sting or irritate your nose and eyes as well. If you’re interested in going the healthy route and avoiding potentially dangerous chemicals, opt for your local plumber to take a look instead.

Only a Temporary Fix

Drain cleaners may be appropriate for food waste, but there are a lot of reasons that a drain can clog. You may not be addressing underlying issues that will just cause your drain to keep clogging over and over.  Drains can become backed up due to broken pipes, backed up sewer lines, and even just from something clogging the sink that isn’t dissolvable by your liquid. Here at Mahon Plumbing, we can make sure that your drain is clean and functioning just as it should be.

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