How Are Plumbing Repair Costs Calculated?


How did your plumber come up with the bill for the plumbing work done? Let’s break it down.

After getting plumbing work done, you may be left wondering how the cost was calculated and what really went into it. Plumbing, like any kind of professional work, can be expensive depending on what you need to be done. While Mahon tries to provide the best quality work at reasonable prices, we do understand that there may be some questions about how plumbing costs are calculated. Let’s take a look at the three main factors that go into the bills.

Time Used

The first cost is the time spent doing the work. Our professionals are able to get jobs done quickly and efficiently, leaving you with less of a bill to worry about, but it still comes at a cost. Our large inventory and expert knowledge mean the job will get done quickly and efficiently, meaning you end up having to pay far less.

Parts and Supplies

We do our best to use quality parts that have reputable warranties so you aren’t left out in the cold if anything were to go wrong. The kind of parts that are used impact the bottom-line price and more high-quality parts that aren’t going to break on you tend to cost more. This ensures that the repair will last longer and ultimately save you money in the long run. Plus, there’s the cost of tools, disposal fees, glues, cleaners, and sealants.

Overhead Costs

Like all plumbing operations, we have some overhead costs. This includes rent, electricity, heat, and utilities, but even things you may not think of like administrative staff or health insurance. There are always going to be some overhead costs no matter what company you go with, so look for a company that has your vested interest in mind and will do their best to get the job done right.

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