What Causes Garbage Disposal Leaks?

Garbage Disposal

Dealing with a garbage disposal leak? Here are a few potential causes.

Your garbage disposal is one of the most convenient items you can have in your home. It allows for the disposal of (select) food waste just as easy as you can pour it into your sink. This makes your time spent cleaning up your kitchen less intensive and far easier but it does present the risk of possible leaking. This leaking can happen for a number of reasons, but here are some of the most common reasons a garbage disposal might develop a nasty leak.

Dishwasher Issues

Oftentimes, the drain pipe from the dishwasher is actually connected straight to the garbage disposal. That pipe removes excess food debris and water from the dishwasher straight into the garbage disposal. As convenient as this may be–it makes your dishwasher cleaner and more efficient–it can also cause some issues. Be sure that the clamp attached to the hose of the drain pipe is securely attached to the disposal unit. If there are any cracks in the hose, you may need to replace it.

Loose Sink Flange

There’s a piece connecting your garbage disposal right to the sink drain, known as the sink flange. This is a common problem area, especially if the connection between the sink flange and the drain isn’t tight. Take a look at the mounting bolts that connect the flange to the drain and ensure they’re fastened well. You’ll also want to check the plumber’s putty that holds them together, because if it’s been compromised, you’ll need to add new plumber’s putty to stop the leaking from happening.

Body Problems

After a while, disposal units become worn out or damaged. Some even shift out of alignment. Take a look at the body of the garbage disposal unit and check for cracks or wet spots that may be a sign you need to replace the unit. A lot of homeowners bump into their disposal units regularly as it’s in the same spot we keep cleaning supplies, so sometimes it can just get out of alignment. Shift it back into place and reseal if necessary.

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