Tips for Removing Broken Glass From Your Garbage Disposal


Broken glass go down your drain into your disposal? Here’s how to fix it.

Accidents are always bound to happen, no matter how careful you are, and one of those kinds of accidents is when glasses or dishware break while in your sink. These glass shards will make their way into your garbage disposal, causing you all kinds of issues. You’ve got to remove the glass but there are a few steps to take beforehand.

Cut the Power

Don’t go sticking your hands in there until you’ve cut the power! Make sure you’ve at least cut the power to the disposal itself, and if you want to be extra prepared, you may want to switch off the breaker right at the panel.

Start Fishin’

It should go without saying but: don’t just stick your hand down there and start taking pieces out. Try using a pair of needle nose pliers and pull out the bigger pieces. The bigger pieces will stay at the top of the drain’s opening so they should be within easy reach.

Utilize a Vacuum

If you have a vacuum with a long-head attachment, try to use that to suck glass out from the drain opening. If you don’t have one of those attachments, you can try taping thin PEX tubing to the nozzle of your vacuum in order to suck those pieces out one by one.

Turning Blades

For those last little bits of glass, you just need to turn the blades of your disposal system. This is done by using a hex key beneath the disposal or by using a broomstick or similarly shaped object to turn the blades manually. Use the vacuum again after you’re done and you should be good!

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