Common Commercial Plumbing Issues to be Aware Of

Common Commercial Plumbing Issues to be Aware Of

Commercial plumbing issues are even more pressing than residential ones.

All plumbing issues need to be addressed in a timely manner. Even something as small as a leaky faucet can become a big deal if it is allowed to go for a long period of time (think of how much wasted water you’re paying for). Commercial plumbing issues are even more pressing than residential ones, however, since a plumbing issue in a business could threaten the reputation of your business, your permits, or even your ability to stay open. Some commercial plumbing issues will absolutely take a professional to solve them, but some smaller ones, you could be prepared to handle on your own, at least until a professional can reach you if needed.

Low Water Pressure

Depending on your industry, low water pressure could be a major issue. Some activities, like washing produce or dishes, require a certain amount of pressure to be efficient (otherwise they slow your staff down). Likewise, some specialized fixtures, like eye wash stations, also require specific pressures to work correctly and keep people safe. Letting a water pressure issue go on can put your employees and your business at risk. If you notice a pressure drop, call a professional to come out and find the cause.


More people in a building using the plumbing facilities means that there is more potential for clogs, so they are a very common problem. The damage that a clogged drain can do depends on where the clog is. A clogged toilet, for instance can make your bathrooms unusable and leave a bad impression on clients or guests. You could likely solve the immediate problem with a plunger, however, and then have a plumber come out to access the damage later. A clogged sink in a commercial kitchen isn’t obvious to your customers, but it may keep you from operating up to standard for health and safety. You should have a professional come out quickly to clean the drain, rather than risk losing your permit to operate during a surprise inspection.


Faucet leaks are a nuisance, but they also can spoil a customer’s perception of you. On top of that, a leaky faucet is simply wasting your money. Leaks from pipes, on the other hand, can do a lot of physical damage to your facility and even require you to close for a time. While you might be handy enough to change the washer in the faucet, calling a professional to assess leaks and the damage they cause is always the best bet.

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