Helpful Advice for the Most Common Plumbing Sounds

Helpful Advice for the Most Common Plumbing Sounds

Strange sounds coming from your plumbing and pipes is not just annoying; they are a cause for concern.

If you hear odd plumbing sounds, contacting an experienced plumber from Mahon Plumbing should be in your best interests. Strange sounds coming from your plumbing and pipes is not just annoying; they are a cause for concern. Hold off on calling up a plumber for too long, and you could face some serious issues. To give you a solid idea of which type of repairs to expect, we have compiled a list of the most common plumbing sounds and their ideal solutions.


A loud banging noise – otherwise known as a water hammer – could occur when a valve shuts off the water flow. Obstructions in the plumbing or improperly secured piping could also create thudding sounds. A professional plumber could pinpoint the source of the sounds and resolve the issue.


It is not unusual for pipes to shake when water is running through them. However, if the plumbing sound is loud enough to notice, chances are the pipes are not secure. Tightening their mounting straps might be an effective solution, but your plumber from Mahon may also need to replace any worn parts.


If your showerhead is making a whistling noise, it could be clogged up. Removing the showerhead and cleaning up any buildup can help stop the plumbing sound, but you might need to consider installing a replacement. In whichever case, a professional plumber could take care of the issue.


Do your drains ever gurgle? A plumbing clog, air bubbles in your drains, or a drain venting problem could to blame for these plumbing sounds. To identify the culprit and fix the problem, you will need the expertise of a professional plumber.


When you your faucet on and hear a hissing noise, your pipes’ water pressure might be too high. An experienced plumber could evaluate the pressure levels and make adjustments or install a special valve to maintain the right water pressure level.


A high-pitched sound or loud screech that happens when you use a faucet typically signifies a loose or defective plumbing piece, such as a valve or washer. Your professional plumber might be able to replace the problematic part, but the best way to cut this plumbing noise is to install a brand new faucet. Ignoring any unusual plumbing sounds or symptoms in your plumbing is never really a good idea. Issues won’t fix themselves, so it is recommended to call in a professional plumber to help fix your plumbing system.

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