Common Plumbing Problems: Addressing a Smelly Shower Drain

smelly drain

Got a smelly drain? We can get to the bottom of your plumbing problems.

At Mahon Plumbing, we know that homeowners experience numerous plumbing problems that can be incredibly frustrating to navigate and repair. That’s why we provide emergency plumbing services and solutions to residential homeowners whenever they may face a plumbing problem that they can’t solve themselves. If you’ve started to notice a malodorous smell emitting from your shower drain, you should know that it can be caused by a variety of factors. From mold overgrowth to mildew accumulation beneath your drain cover, a smelly shower drain can often be solved at home without professional intervention. However, if not, Mahon Plumbing can help you get to the root of this common plumbing problem.

Plumbing Problems: Your Smelly Shower Drain Might Be Caused by a Clogged Strainer

One of the most common causes of a smelly shower drain is usually a clogged strainer or stopper. Strainers and stoppers can become clogged with hair from shaving, shampoo and conditioners that enter into the drain system, and other body wash products that can build up over time and eventually clog your strainer. While this is a common plumbing problem for homeowners, it can be frustrating to encounter. If too much debris has accumulated within your strainer or stopper, it needs to be eliminated to get rid of the smell. You can solve this common plumbing problem by simply removing your drain cover, cleaning with a mildew solution, and cleaning out the surroundings from any visible gunk.

Your Dry P-Tap in Your Drain Pipe Might Be to Blame

If clearing out residual gunk trapped in your clogged strainer doesn’t do the trick, your dry p-tap in your drain pipe might be to blame. Your dry p-tap is the curved portion of your train pipe that can become trapped with sewer gases if it’s improperly functioning. If the smell you’re catching a whiff of is reminiscent of rotten eggs or sewer gas, you’ll need to contact a professional at Mahon Plumbing for emergency services immediately. This is a common plumbing problem that needs to be immediately addressed. 

Clogged Shower Vents

Another source of a malodorous drain can potentially be linked to clogged shower vents. Since most vent clogs happen within the stack of the vent itself (which can be linked to the outdoors), usually critters and birds nests can be to blame. If you’ve checked out your vents and still can’t figure out the cause of your smelly drain, get in touch with Mahon Plumbing to find out a solution with an on-site consultation!

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