How To Shut Off Your Home’s Main Water Valve

Homeowners will often come into contact with a plumbing problem that may require their main water valve to be momentarily shut off to prevent the overflow of toilets or additional running water flooding their home. Since water gushing throughout your home is hazardous and can contribute to extensive water damage and even bodily injury with electronics, it’s crucial to locate your home’s main water valve in the event of a plumbing emergency. If you’re aware of your water being connected to a public supply, you may follow the following steps to immediately shut off your home’s main water supply through the shut off valve.

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Your main water valve can be momentarily shut off to prevent the overflow of toilets or additional running water flooding their home.

Locating Your Main Water Valve to Help Plumbing Problems

You’ll often be able to find your main water valve located within the interior of your home, in either the basement located against a wall that leads into the outdoor water pipes. For homes with well water, the shut off valve can typically be found facing towards your yard. The valve should have a handle that you can turn to shut on or off. To shut off the valve, you’ll typically need to turn it towards either the right or left depending upon your home. 

What to Do After Your Main Water Valve is Shut Off to Help Plumbing Problems

After your main water valve is closed off so that there’s no longer water flooding into your home due to a plumbing problem, you’ll want to contact Mahon Plumbing immediately. We provide 24/7 emergency services available, daily, with a guaranteed 2 hours dispatch window to your address. You’ll also want to exit your house safely, without stepping into any water or coming into contact with any water damaged areas that pose a safety risk. 

Avoid Future Plumbing Problems with Regular Plumbing Maintenance

To avoid future plumbing problems, you’ll want to potentially invest in a service contract with Mahon Plumbing. We can ensure that your plumbing system is in well-working condition through our service contracts so that you can avoid unforeseen plumbing problems that may cause exponential damage to your home. Contact Mahon Plumbing today to learn more about our service contract offerings and emergency services!

Call Mahon Plumbing Today

If you still have more questions regarding your plumbing, we here at Mahon Plumbing are here to help. We have been serving the wider Baltimore area since 1994, so we have 25 years of experience to back up our fantastic service! Call us at our Baltimore location at 410-766-8566 or our Pasadena location at 410-636-7944. Be sure to keep up with us on social media by following us on Facebook or Twitter.

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