Common Plumbing Problems in Old Homes

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Old homes are great—they tend to be unique and have a lot of character. However, they also tend to have a few common plumbing problems.

Old homes are great in so many ways. Often they have unique architectural features or quirks that make them more lovable than modern pre-fab homes. However, their age (and sometimes even those quirks), can also make them difficult to take care of. Older homes have a much higher chance of having something go really horribly wrong with their inner workings (plumbing, electrical, etc), than a newly built home. So while you enjoy the charm and character of your old home, also be on the lookout for these really common plumbing problems that can bubble up.

Issues From Poor Repairs

The most common issues that crop up in older homes are actually as often the result of failed plumbing fixes over the years as they are from the actual age of the home. The older the home is, the more likely it is to have had multiple repairs. If those fixes were DIY’d or done wrong, they could be a big problem waiting to happen. It is a good idea to have an experienced plumber check the state of all of your pipes to make sure you aren’t set up for disaster.

Outdated Fixtures

Many people assume that older fixtures are inherently better, since it seems like everything these days is built to be disposable. In many cases, this is true. Some old faucets and fixtures are still going strong today because they were built to last. However, in most cases, even the strongest built fixture will eventually erode and fail. If you’re starting to notice issues with old fixtures, get in front of them before they catastrophically fail and cause a plumbing emergency. Additionally, more modern fixtures can help you to conserve water, which can ease the strain on your wallet.

Pipe Problems

Your home plumbing pipes are what carry water from the municipal system to the various fixtures in your home. Depending on the age of your home, those pipes might be galvanized steel, polybutylene, or even lead. All of those materials have the potential to cause major issues, so having a plumber come out and check your whole system is a wise idea. You may find that you need to switch out some pipes or even install a filtration system to protect you from the potential negative consequences. 

Drain and Line Issues

Finally, the other common plumbing issue in older homes come from the drains and sewer lines. The life of your home is a lot of years for soap scum and other things to clog drains. Often, those clogs are controlled with bottled drain cleaner, which can do more harm than good on older pipes. If you notice back-ups, it could be an issue with your drains and lines, or possibly even with your sewer line, and it is best to have it professionally checked out.

Maintain Your Plumbing With Help from Mahon Plumbing

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