Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Mahon Plumbing Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Overloaded washing machines are one of several risk factors for summer plumbing problems.

Summer is a time for fun and outdoor adventures, but that also means it brings with it certain common plumbing problems that you might not have had to think about as much during the winter months. Being mindful of your plumbing and learning how to avoid common summer plumbing problems can help you spend more time enjoying your summer and less money on expensive plumbing repairs.


Disposals are more vulnerable during the summer months thanks to the influx of cookouts and grilling. Even if you’re careful with your disposal, not everyone will be. If there are kids around, it’s especially important to monitor them closely or throw their food out for them. They want to go play, so they won’t always be careful about what they dump into the sink. Sending a lot of excess food, or known problem foods, down your disposal runs the risk of creating a severe clog that requires the intervention of a professional plumber.


If you find yourself in ankle-deep water while taking a shower, you won’t be alone. Families are getting back outside for summer and enjoying the beach, or a nature hike, and then bringing sand, gravel, and dirt back with them. Washing all of this off in your home shower is a one-way ticket to a clogged drain. Rinse off outside before heading in for a full shower to keep your drains clear and don’t forget to clean out your drain trap regularly.

Washing Machine

The washing machine sees a lot of excess use for the same reason the shower does – people are going outside and getting dirty. Be careful about running your washing machine too often or putting in loads that are larger than normal. Your washing machine should only be around half full when you run a load. Also, make it a point to rinse off especially dirty garments that are caked in mud or have outdoor debris stuck to them. Trying to send these through the wash could cause your machine to break down or experience a clog.

Sump Pump

If you have a basement, you have a sump pump that’s keeping it dry during the summer rains. Keep an eye on your sump pump to make sure it’s in acceptable working condition and isn’t experiencing any leaks or flooding. If your sump pump is struggling to keep up, call a professional immediately to have it repaired or replaced before you end up with a flooded basement.

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