Should You Install a Water Softener?

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A water softener can protect your skin and your pipes.

Water softeners aren’t for everyone, but they come with many benefits that should be considered if you’ve ever thought about getting one. By softening your water, you can protect your pipes as well as your skin and even your clothing. It can even save you money! Your quality of life could be greatly improved if you install a water softener.

Use Less Soap

An unexpected advantage of water softeners is how much soap they save. Soaps and detergents lather more readily in soft water, meaning you’ll need a lot less to clean your hands, body, and clothing. Since you’ll lather and rinse faster, you’ll also use less water for each of these applications.

Enjoy Softer Clothes

Hard water has a habit of drying things out and making them stiff, including your clothing. If you’re having to add fabric softener to your laundry, a water softener could save you a lot of money. Softer water leads to softer clothes, which will eliminate the need for chemical softening. It’s good for the environment and your wallet!

Healthier Hair & Skin

Hard water also has a habit of drying out skin, causing it to crack. If you climb out of your shower and notice that your skin immediately dries out, hard water is likely the culprit. Soft water will be gentler on your hair and skin and allow it to remain moisturized longer. If you still need moisturizer for problem areas, soft water helps your body to accept and retain the benefits of those products.

No More Water Stains

Hard water loves to leave stains on your dishes, tubs, and showers. These are unsightly, and they make your home look and feel dirty. You will have to scrub regularly to keep these water stains from overtaking your tubs and showers or making your dishes unfit to eat from. Soft water doesn’t create these stains, so you can enjoy a beautiful, shiny, clean home with less maintenance.

Avoid Limescale Buildup

Limescale and calcium buildup is a huge problem inside your pipes and your home. This buildup can cause pipes to become clogged, resulting in a plumbing emergency. Outside of your pipes, it builds up in your toilet bowl, clogs spouts on your showerhead and iron and creates a crust around your faucet heads. A water softener removes the components that create this buildup, keeping it out of your pipes and home.

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