Do’s and Don’ts of Residential Septic Systems

residential septic system

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Did you recently become a homeowner of an older home that has a septic system? Or, perhaps you’ve lived in your home for years and you’ve found yourself wondering whether you’ve been properly caring for your residential septic system. At Mahon Plumbing, we can help you navigate the complexities of caring for your residential septic system and its intricacies that many homeowners often aren’t aware of. Additionally, we provide septic system installation and services to homeowners throughout Maryland.

Do Have Your Residential Septic System Inspected Annually

It’s critical to have your residential septic system inspected on an annual basis. As part of an essential component of your home, your septic system needs to have an inspection on an annual basis to ensure that it’s in well-working condition and as a preventative care measure. As your household accumulates waste and additional substances are flushed into your septic system, you should know that this can all have an impact on how your septic system performs. As the waste accumulates and builds up, your septic system will either need to be pumped or problems may arise. An inspection on an annual basis can ensure that you’re on top of your septic system.

Don’t Flush Anything Non-Biodegradable 

Think of your septic system as a tank filled with living organisms that contribute to the breakdown of your household waste. When your septic system accumulates more waste than it can properly dispose of at a faster pace than the living organisms can break it down, then you’re going to run into septic system problems that may potentially back into your home. You can avoid this septic system problem by ensuring that only bodily waste is flushed into the septic tank and that your tank is pumped at least twice a year, with smaller tanks requiring more frequent pumping.

Do Expand Your Septic System if You Expand Your Home

Did you know that septic systems can be expanded? This is essential for families that are currently renovating their homes or looking to expand the size of their house. By expanding your septic tank, you can keep up with additional household demands that will place extraordinary pressure on your septic system. If you properly care for your septic system, you can ensure that your septic tank will last for years to come!

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