Why Finding the Source of Rusty Water is So Critical

Rusty Water

Struggling with rusty water in your home? It’s important to find out what the source of the issue is.

When you turn on the tap, you have some basic expectations of the water: it should be clean, and clear and cold (or hot, depending on the tap). But occasionally, when we turn on the tap the water isn’t clean and clear. If it is reddish-brown and has a slight metallic odor, you’ve got rusty water. Sometimes, the source of the rusty water is outside of your house, especially if they are working on the pipes in your neighborhood. But if the source is inside, it is important to identify it fast.

Where Is It Coming From?

The first thing you need to do is rule out the public water supply as the source of the rust. You should run the water from just the cold tap and then run it from just the hot. Run the water for several minutes to see if the rust goes away after some time. If the rust is only present in the hot water, or if it goes away after the water runs for a while, the source of the rust is probably in your home, likely a corroding pipe. Furthermore, if the rust only shows up in the hot water, this could be a sign that the source is your hot water heater rusting out.

Replacing The Problem Item

The solution is ultimately going to be to repair or replace the item that is the source of the rust. If the rust is coming from the public water supply, you should contact your municipality so they can find and replace the damaged pipes. If the problem is inside, you’re going to have to replace the damaged piece, or call out a professional to replace it, and the sooner the better. If the problem is one of your pipes, the rust could continue until the pipe fails completely. Depending on where the pipe is, this could be a huge flood in the basement or a massive leak behind a wall. On the other hand, rusty water that is coming from your water heater could be a sign of corrosion in the water heater. The corrosion will continue till your hot water heater completely loses stability and floods your basement (or wherever it is) with water. Either way a professional can help you replace the rusty items so that your water runs clear and you don’t have a huge plumbing emergency looming in your future.

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