Five quick leaky pipe fixes

When we field calls from customers with leaky pipes, we’re often asked whether anything can be done until we arrive.  The answer is yes, there are a few quick fixes that can minimize the damage until we get there with a permanent solution.  This site provides a good summary and photos of these tips.

  1. If the leak is at a joint, you can try tightening the joint to slow the leak.
  2. Stick the tip of a pencil in a small hole and break it off. Then wrap the area with several layers of duct tape.
  3. There are epoxy or other quick sealants available at retail stores that you can use for temporary fixes.
  4. For larger holes, cut a length of hose, then slit it lengthwise. Affix it over the leak, then clamp or tape over the slit.
  5. The final option is the tried-and-true bucket method to catch leaking water, which you can then pour down a drain.

Rest assured we’ll be out there to fix your leak as quick as can, and that we provide emergency service. Contact us to solve any of your plumbing problems.

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