Do you need a French drain?

Do you have a drainage problem in your yard?  You can tell if you see runoff water pooling in certain spots on your lawn.  Correcting the problem may be difficult, especially if the water is coming from a neighbor’s property.  A French drain may be the solution, and you can learn how to install one yourself on this Website.

A French drain is essentially a ditch filled with gravel beneath the top layer of sod that can direct water to a better spot where it can collect.  The drain is ideally located somewhere on the incline and is sloped itself toward the desired destination for the water.  After digging the trench, you’ll layer landscape fabric, gravel, more fabric, sand, more fabric, and sod on top.

As you can see on the site, installing a French drain can be an involved process ideally employing a surveyor and backhoe.  We can handle the process ourselves from start to finish, so if you have drainage issues in your lawn, contact us.  We’ll get the job done with no hassle to you.

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