Did You Know Your Garbage Disposal Can Leak?

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Like any plumbing system, your garbage disposal is vulnerable to leaks.

Like any plumbing system, your garbage disposal is vulnerable to leaks. Garbage disposals are the epitome of convenience. Sump your table scraps and perishables down the drain and grind them up for the sewage line. Mahon Plumbing is able to install and repair your garbage disposal, regardless of how old your home is.

Dishwasher Leak

The amazing invention of the dishwasher revolutionized the home in the 20th Century. If you own both a dishwasher and garbage disposal, the drain pipe of the dishwasher is more than likely connected straight to the garbage disposal. The drain pipe removes food debris and water from the dishwasher into the garbage disposal. Although it improves the efficiency of your dishwasher, it may cause a leak at the place these pipes meet. Make sure the clamp attached to the hose of the drain pipe is securely attached to the disposal unit. If there are cracks in the hose, consider calling our emergency line to inspect it. A damaged hose may need replacing.

What is Sink Flange?

The piece that connects your garbage disposal to the sink directly is known as the sink flange. If there are any issues with your garbage disposal, this is likely where it is. The connection between the sink flange and the drain must be tight to ensure no food debris is leaked. Inspect the mounting bolts yourself to make sure they are fastened well. Professionals use plumber’s putty to hold this area together. You will be able to tell if there is something wrong with the plumber’s putty just by looking at it. If that is the case, then you can replace it with a new plumber’s putty to stop the leak.

The Unit’s Position

As with any regularly used appliance, a garbage disposal can be worn out over time. They can even shift out of alignment! Occasionally check the garbage disposal unit for cracks or wet spots that may indicate needing replacement. Typically a garbage disposal is placed under the sink where many people store their cleaning supplies. Bumping into the unit periodically can shift it out of alignment or crack the unit over time. If it becomes out of alignment, shift it back in place and call us to ensure everything is sealed. 

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