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Never Pour Hot Oil Down Your Sink Drain: Here’s Why

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Whether or not you have a garbage disposal, keeping your sink healthy with proper disposal of your hot oil will save you a huge plumbing bill.

Whether or not you have a garbage disposal, keeping your sink healthy with proper disposal of your hot oil will save you a huge plumbing bill. Never dispose of it in a drain, no matter the temperature or type of cooking oil you use. 

How Hot Oil Hurts Your Pipes

Hot oil can damage your pipes by sticking to the sides of your pipes and creating clogs. Oil traps any debris from cooking, so when you pour it down the sink, that oil grabs all the debris in your sink drain. Cooking oil, especially if it is solid at room temperature, will resolidify with all that debris and more inside the sink drain. Where the pipe bends, called the U-Bend, is where the debris will most likely get stuck.

Cold Oil? Better to Trash it

If the oil you cook with is liquid at room temperature, there is still quite a bit of damage it can do to your pipes. Hot oil is still hot and will be able to grab any debris. Liquid oil, no matter the temperature, will stick to the sides of the piping. Over time, the oil will build up and may cause complete stoppage. Plumbing professionals should fix a drain clog made from oil build-up. Trying to fix a drain clog like this on your own could seriously damage your pipes, any garbage disposal system, or even your water line. As build-up gets worse, your water line can stop working, and sewage may erupt from your drain. Avoid the headache and costly repairs. Mahon Plumbing offers a 24/7 crisis line that will send a technician out within two hours. We use modern technology like live camera feeds to investigate and solve your plumbing problems.

What to Do with Your Hot Oil

Instead of pouring your used hot oil down the sink, consider investing in a product that makes liquid oil solid like Hard Oil and then throwing it in the garbage. Another solution is to pour liquid oil or grease into a jar or container and throw that away. Make your sink drain last as long as possible by taking care of it. Dispose of your used oil in the trash.

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