Sump Pump: What is it, and Why should you have one?

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Maintenance of a new sump pump

Plumbing can feel overwhelming to the average homeowner. We want to make this clear and easy for you. With Mahon Plumbing, we prepare for the future. As with our cleaning services, we offer financial solutions to keep your plumbing running smoothly.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a submersible device put in a sump pit that carries water away from an area. It is placed at the lowest point of your home, usually the basement or crawl space. Specifically, as it rains, the soil underground gets wet. As this groundwater increases, the sump pump system is activated by a floating switch and will begin pushing the water to a storm drain, detention pond, or dry well. The sump pump prevents the groundwater from building up and flooding your home. 

Why do you need one?

Any home in an area prone to flooding should invest in a sump pump system. A lot of Maryland is at sea level or below, and with a temperate climate, flooding happens. With Mahon Plumbing, we can ensure your home stays protected against flooding with sump pump maintenance and our backup systems. As a local company, we have the experience to tell you which areas are more prone to flooding and how to protect your property better.

Backup Sump Pump

There are two types of backup sump pump systems Mahon provides:

  • Battery Powered Backup sump pump is perfect for areas that are prone to losing power. They generally allow 2-5 days of operation on average without power. The automatic battery charger will recharge the battery once power is restored. 
  • Water Powered Backup sump pump connects to domestic water that your home has and remains operable as long as a domestic water supply is available. This system has no battery or charger to maintain. It is independent and automatic from your primary sump pump. 

Taking Care of Your Sump Pump

It is not a question of if a sump pump will fail, but when. Keep the sump pump, and other drains clean with Mahon Plumbing. In the case of flooding, make sure to address your sump pump with your other plumbing repairs. 

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