Hissing, Banging, & Whistling: Plumbing System Woes

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Hissing and whistling from your water sources (shower head, faucets, and more) or banging pipes can often be a sign of plumbing system woes.

Whether you live in a rickety old house or a newly-built home, sounds emanating from your pipes and plumbing are never a good sign. Hissing and whistling from your water sources (shower head, faucets, and more) or banging pipes can often be a sign of plumbing system woes. These signs can be disturbing and often signal that it’s time to reach out to the plumbing professionals at Mahon Plumbing before a little plumbing problem turns into an even bigger one. In the meantime, here’s a few tips regarding different plumbing noises throughout your house that you may hear and what specific plumbing problem might be to blame. 

Banging Pipes Are a Plumbing System Problem

Since water supply pipes are often composed of metal, the flow of water running through them can emanate noises if you have a plumbing problem occurring. Frequently, banging pipes are due to pipes that aren’t properly secured into place or a potential obstruction within the pipes. A plumbing professional at Mahon Plumbing can secure your pipes into place or use video camera inspection to get to the bottom of your plumbing problem. 

Hissing & Whistling Water Sources

There’s nothing more annoying than turning on the shower head, ready to enjoy a refreshing shower, and being greeted by the hissing & whistling of running water. The cause of all that noise is usually due to a clogged shower head or your shower head needing to be replaced. To find out, thoroughly clean your shower head. After finishing, tighten your shower head back into place. Turn on your faucet and wait. If the whistling disappears, you’re in the clear. If it doesn’t, it’s time for a replacement shower head.

Water Heater Pops, Knocks, and Bangs

Have you heard a sudden banging noise in your basement that suddenly jolted you from a peaceful nap on your couch? If so, your water heater may be to blame. Pops, knocks, and bangs emitting from your water heater can be signs of sediment buildup. You’ll want to contact the professionals at Mahon Plumbing to schedule a diagnostic service for your water heater, rather than attempting to take on this task yourself. 

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