3 Explanations Behind Your Backed-Up Dishwashers Plumbing Problem

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A backed-up dishwasher can be a headache, but fortunately, Mahon Plumbing can help homeowners navigate this common plumbing problem.

Have you started to notice that your dishwasher is running slowly during each cycle, or even discovered food particles floating around the drain? A backed-up dishwasher can be a plumbing headache, but fortunately, Mahon Plumbing can help homeowners navigate this common problem. While the most typical reasons surrounding dishwasher clogs are usually easy-to-fix, serious underlying plumbing problems can also be to blame. Regardless of the reasoning behind your backed-up dishwasher, we can help you explore 3 explanations that might be to blame. 

Your Backed-Up Dishwasher Might Not Be a Plumbing Problem 

Have you checked your dishwasher’s filter basket lately? It might be filled with food particles that are preventing your dishwasher from effectively running through a cycle. Since the filter basket is specifically designed to catch any food particles that might be attached to your dishes, when enough food becomes trapped within the basket, it can be hard for water to freely flow down the drain. The result? A backed-up dishwasher with water and messy food particles floating around. The good news? This isn’t an actual plumbing problem and is easy to resolve. Simply remove the filter from the basket, empty out any lingering food particles, and return the filter to its rightful place.

Your Clog Might Be Due to the Garbage Disposal 

There’s a chance that if your filter basket isn’t the issue, you might have a legitimate plumbing problem on your hands. Your dishwasher back-up might be due to a clog within your garbage disposal or even your drain hose. This can cause water to backup within your dishwasher, and it’s best to reach out to a professional to handle your plumbing problem. Contact Mahon Plumbing today for an on-site consultation!

A Serious Plumbing Problem: Blocked Sewer Lines

In one of the worst case scenarios, your plumbing problem may be serious. You could have a blocked sewer line on your property which is associated with your wastewater. A sewer line issue can be incredibly costly to repair, but it is dire to seek out the professionals at Mahon Plumbing immediately to resolve. We even offer financing packages to select individuals who qualify. Check out our latest blog post for signs it’s time to repair your sewer lines if you’re looking for further red flags!

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