How to Find the Best Garbage Disposal

Before you buy a new or garbage disposal, or upgrade yours, be sure to consider your options. As this article states, there are ways to find the best garbage disposal. Here are some of the features you should check out before making your purchase:

Plumbing, sewage, and power

Most importantly make sure your new garbage disposal is compatible with your plumbing system. Choose the amount of power you will need in your new disposal. A garbage disposal with a half horsepower system is enough for moderate use. A one horsepower disposal is best for a home that will use it a great deal.

Dishwasher Connections

Check to see if your garbage disposal can be connected to your dishwasher.  This will allow your garbage disposal to grind up any waste that comes through your dishwasher.

Extra features

As the article says, “A manual overload reset feature will allow you to restart the disposal if it is stops from being overfilled. Other features such as corrosion protection, soundproofing, anti-splash shields and self-serve wrenches are worth investigating.”


Lastly, be sure that you have warranty plan that it to your liking.


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