Getting Rid of that Garbage Disposal Scent

We all know that undesirable smell that can emanate from the garbage disposal. Luckily, as this article explains, there are simple ways to get rid of this nuisance in your kitchen.  There are a few basic supplies you will need in order to get rid of this scent: mild liquid soap, an empty spray bottle, and a small scrub brush or old toothbrush.

Step One The first and most important thing to do when cleaning your garbage disposal is to be sure that it is turned OFF.  As an extra precaution you may even turn the power source off. This will help prevent any accidents involving the disposal turning on.

Step Two Now it is time to mix your cleaning solution. Combine some warm water with your liquid cleaning soap into an empty spray bottle. Close the bottle and shake it until you see suds.

Step Three With your mixture ready, spray a generous amount into your drain. Let this cleaning solution sit in the disposal for a few minutes. Next, use your small brush to give your disposal a scrubbing.  Continue scrubbing until the smell doesn’t seem to be coming from the disposal anymore.  After that, turn the disposal back on and give it a good run.

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