How to Go About Fixing a Leaky Toilet

How to Go About Fixing a Leaky Toilet

If you’ve got any issues noticing what is wrong with your toilet, then there are a few things to keep an eye out for.

A leaky toilet is obviously something that nobody wants to deal with in their home. Calling for a water leak repair is very urgent whenever you’ve got a leaky toilet. Fortunately, this kind of plumbing problem is typically very easy to spot. If you’ve got any issues noticing what is wrong with your toilet, then there are a few things to keep an eye out for. Read on to learn how to go about fixing a leaky toilet!

How to Tell if Your Home’s Toilet is Leaking Bad

  • A steady drip
  • Puddling on your bathroom floors
  • Constant or frequent running
  • Rippling around the edges of the water inside the bowl

Load groaning inside your pipes

In certain cases, however, a leaking toilet is not so readily apparent. You may not even realize you’ve got an issue until you see an unexpected spike within your water bill. Luckily, a simple test can help you detect a leaky toilet, and getting the issue fixed will not cost you an arm and a leg.

How to Look for a Leaky Toilet

To see if your toilet has a hidden water leak, all you really need is food coloring. Place a couple of drops in your tank, then wait for about half an hour, but do not flush! When time is up, check the water inside the bowl. If any food coloring has seeped deep inside, you might have a leaky toilet. For a quick fix, DIY toilet repair, you could try cleaning the flapper, as built-up sediment or rust could be the root source of the problem. But if this fails for a second food coloring, it is time to call a plumber for a professional pipe or leak repair.

How Much Money Can a Toilet Leak Cost?

A small toilet leak might not seem like a huge deal, but you will probably think otherwise once the water bill arrives. According to data from the EPA, the average household has water leaks that amount to 10,000 gallons in waste each year. And, if you’ve got a toilet leak, you could end up wasting over 200 gallons every single day. The longer you go without a plumbing repair, the more the issue will cost you in wasted water prices.

Can I Fix a Leaky Toilet on My Own?

If you are handy and have the right kinds of tools, you might be able to tackle some toilet leak repairs all by yourself. Specific jobs, like replacing a flapper and wax ring, do not require special expertise and equipment. However, if you have no idea what you are doing, call in the professionals from Mahon Plumbing to give you a hand!

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