How to Properly Use a Pipe Snake

How to Properly Use a Pipe Snake

If you own a pipe snake, you might get rid of clogged drain by yourself.

If you are experiencing a clogged up tub drain or sink, sometimes a basic plunger just does not cut it. Before you call in an expert plumber from Mahon Plumbing, there are a few things you can try on your own. If you own a pipe snake, you might get rid of the drain by yourself. Read on to learn how to use your pipe snake properly!

What Exactly is a Pipe Snake?

A pipe snake is usually available at your local hardware store and can serve as a drain cleaning tool. These can cost you anywhere from $20 to $100. To keep your plumbing safe from severe damage, use a hand crank instead of an electrical model. A pipe snake usually consists of a coiled or bulb head on the end of one cable that sometimes allows you to retrieve the clog’s source within your tub or sink.

How Do You Use a Pipe Snake?

You can use a snake on any kind of drain, be it a bathtub or sink. First, push the very end of the snake through your drain opening and begin turning the handle on the pipe snake’s drum. Then, keep pushing the snake into the drain about six inches at a time until you feel resistance. You might need to apply pressure initially to turn the tight curve underneath the drain so it’ll reach the clog. Once you clear the curve, the line should move through the line smoothly until you feel a bit of resistance to the obstruction. Once you feel resistance, keep spinning the pipe snake, so it either attaches to the clog or chops it entirely. If it doesn’t feel like the coiled head or bulb has destroyed the clog or the twisting doesn’t get easier, pull the auger out of your pipe. The clot is probably attached to the head of the auger and has to be pulled out of the drain’s opening. Then run some water at full force to see if the drain is still clogged.

What if It Did Not Work?

If trying to snake your drain by yourself didn’t work, it is time to call Mahon Plumbing to schedule a plumbing repair service to help unclog your drains. A licensed plumber will first use the pipe snake to try to remove the clog. The plumber will then follow the same steps you followed earlier and perform a camera inspection to determine the next steps.

For more information on how to properly unclog your drains, give us a call today!

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