Telltale Signs that Your Sewer Line is Broken

Telltale Signs that Your Sewer Lines Are Broken

The longer that sewer damage goes untreated, the worse it’ll become.

Your sewers and drains take plenty of abuse. Just think of everything that they’re filled with daily. Given that they’re putting up with human waste, tree root invasion, and stormwater runoff, they could very easily be damaged, and you do not realize it. The longer that sewer damage goes untreated, the worse it’ll become. Be on the lookout for these noticeable signs that your sewer has been harmed and is in need of emergency repairs from the plumbers at Mahon Plumbing.

Backups in Your Sewer Line

Typically caused by a blockage within your sewer line, sewer backups usually show up in the drain that is closest to the blockage. For example, if you ever experience backups in every drain on your lower floor, your main sewer line might be damaged. However, if just one drain is backed up, there could be a problem with a single line that is off your mainline.

The Scent of Sewer Line Gas

If you can smell any sewer gas inside your home, a scent similar to rotten eggs, you could absolutely have a cracked or broken sewer line somewhere. Sewer pipes are very airtight, so the only time you would ever be able to smell sewage inside your home is when your sewer line is severely damaged.

Vermin in Your Sewer Line

There might not be any samurai turtles living in your sewers, but there are bugs and rats, so if you suddenly find any unwelcomed vermin within your house, there is probably a break within your sewer. If you start to develop an issue with sewer flies, roaches, or rodents, don’t just call up the pest control company, call Mahon Plumbing for emergency plumbing and sewer line services.

Uneven Growth of Grass

Sometimes the signs of sewer damage are not in your home but rather in your lawn. One type of sign is a patch of grass that’s more green and lush than the rest of the patch. Sewage is concentrated fertilizer, so this lush, yet random patch of grass, could indicate that you’ve got an underground sewer line leak.

Waste Pooling

This is one obvious sign of sewer line damage, as a pool of wastewater will not appear in your lawn without a sewage line having been broken underground. Thankfully, locating your sewer leak is natural in certain instances, as the breakage is almost always right below the waste pool.

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