Is Your Sump Pump up to Code?

You might not even think twice about it, but your sump pump is crucial to your home’s plumbing system. The sump pump is typically located in your basement and is the first line of defense when there is flooding or high water issues. When there’s excessive rain or quickly melting snow, the pump kicks into high gear to pump water away from your home, and away from its foundation. Here are some pointers for how to properly check up on your home’s sump pump system.

Sump Pump Maintenance  

Many homeowners don’t think about the real function of their sump pump until they find themselves ankle-deep in water in their basement. Basic preventative care can ensure that it is in ideal working order and ready to keep your home safe when brutal weather conditions strike. Here’s a list of ways you can maintain it:

  • Check to ensure there is power running out to the pump’s circuit. All sump pumps work off of an electrical connection.
  • Be positive the pump is upright and not leaning. Vibrations sometimes cause it to tilt.
  • Clear anything that could be preventing the outlet pipes from dispensing water from the pump to the exterior.
  • Check for any debris that might be blocking the discharge line.
  • Check the exterior pipes to see if they are draining water from the pump at least 20 feet from your foundation.

Broken Sump Pump?

If you see that your sump pump isn’t doing its job correctly, here’s a couple of standard solutions to try:

  • Check for anything that could be blocking the suction intake for the pump. Any sucking could pull in debris and mess with the pump.
  • Look for oil in the sump, which might mean there is a failed pump seal.
  • Your home’s sump pump system should be quiet. Listen for clunking for other odd noises that would indicate a problem.
  • Check the circuit breaker for a blown fuse that could have disconnected power to the pump.
  • If your home’s pump is always running, you might have installed one that is too small for the job
  • Is your pump’s discharge line frozen or clogged up? Those conditions can lead to a failed sump pump system.

Make sure your system is working properly in order to protect your home. If you see any of these issues and don’t know where to turn for help, consider calling out some professionals from Mahon Plumbing to do work on your system. 

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