Low-flow showers save and deliver

In our last post, we looked at low-flow toilets. Now, let’s turn to low-flow showerheads. Like low-flow toilets, low-flow showerheads help the environment by reducing the amount water used. This page offers a helpful guide to low-flow showerheads.

Two measurements are at play in low-flow showerheads.Water pressure, measured as pounds per square inch (psi), impacts how much water flows through a showerhead.Flow is measured in gallons per minute (gpm).Although water pressure can vary from place to place, 80 psi is a pretty good standard.Reducing the amount of pressure would result in an unsatisfying shower, so a low-flow showerhead instead restricts the amount of water that flows out.Instead of 6-9 gpm normally seen on conventional showerheads, low-flow models deliver 1.5-3 gpm.

For more information on low-flow appliances and fixtures, contact us. We can not only explain them in detail but install them in your home.

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