How low-flow toilets work

The advent of low-flow toilets was greeted with a lot of skepticism, and the first low-flow toilets lived down to the expectations of many.  Multiple flushes were needed to do the job.  Now manufacturers of low-flow toilets have corrected these initial problems but have been met with the same skepticism.  This article may help alleviate concerns with its helpful cross section of a low-flow toilet and explanations of how both they and conventional toilets work.

There’s really not much to the difference between the two types of toilets.  Both work by letting the force of water running from the tank into the bowl push the water and other contents already in the bowl through the drain and out through pipes.  Low-flow toilets have an added mechanism that allows only 1.6 gallons of water to flow from the tank into the bowl.

The problem with early low-flow toilets is that the drain design remained the same preventing the lesser amount of water from doing its job.  The fix was simply redesigning the passageways to make the reduced amount of water more effective.  If you’re now interested in adding low-flow toilets to your home, contact us. We’ll be happy to install them for you.

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