What Are the Major Signs That Your Toilet Needs Repairing?


Having difficulties with your toilet? Be on the lookout for these major signs that you may need a professional to step in.

Toilets are an integral, indispensable part of every home. We use them everyday, multiple times a day, yet they are the one thing that almost no one likes maintaining. Whether it is cleaning the bowl during weekly chores or plunging a stubborn clog, we don’t usually jump to spend time with the toilet unless we’re using it. But once it breaks, we always wish we’d taken better care of it. So how can we take better care of “the throne”? How do we know when it is time to call the professionals in to repair it?

Is Your Toilet Running?

No, this isn’t the beginning of a joke about catching it, it is a serious issue of water and money flowing down the drainpipe. The running sound you hear after you flush is a normal sound of the tank refilling. But if that sound continues or is a constant thing, you have a problem. The most likely culprit is your flappers or floats, but a professional will be able to know for sure. If your toilet is constantly running, it is time to replace or repair it. If the problem is caught early, it can be relatively easy and inexpensive to fix, and waiting will only cost you more in the long run.

Does it Ghost Flush?

If your toilet spontaneously flushes by itself, you may be planning to call the Ghostbusters. Calling your plumber is a better solution to this issue. A ghost flush is when the toilet flushes without anyone activating it. This happens when water drains too slowly and causes faulty flappers and floats to activate causing the toilet to flush. A plumber can come out and make sure all the seals are in good condition and check for any other problems.

Are There Visible Leaks?

Leaks may not always be immediately visible, but once they are it is definitely time to call a plumber. Make sure you’re looking for leaks at all times of day, not just after your shower, when hot, moist air will often condense on the cool porcelain surface of the toilet and drip down. Look for leaks and water spots anywhere around the toilet. If you find water at the base of the toilet where it meets the floor, this is likely evidence of a broken flange. Putting off visible water issues will only cost more down the line after the water has had time to do serious damage.

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