Debunking Dishwasher Myths You May Have Heard


Tired of having to do all your dishes by hand but afraid of the commitment of installing a dishwasher? You may be falling for these dishwasher myths.

The dishwasher is one of the most debated appliances in the kitchen. You won’t find many people who argue that they don’t really need a stove or a fridge, but many people opt to skip this appliance,which quickly accomplishes one of the least loved kitchen chores, the dishes! A dishwasher is an easy kitchen update that adds value to the whole home. Why wouldn’t someone want a machine that does the dishes for them? Maybe these 4 totally false dishwasher myths are to blame.

You Have To Pre-Rinse

If your dishwasher is working as it should, you don’t have to pre-wash the dishes. That is why we use dishwashing soap in the machine – to clean off the grime and food. Some people think that leaving food on will leave the dishes dirty, but it shouldn’t. If you are having trouble with dishes not coming out clean, it is likely time to give your dishwasher a thorough cleaning of its own.

Your Utensils Will Be Ruined

Most utensils will absolutely not be damaged by being put in the dishwasher. Some sharp knives could be dulled, especially pointy ends, over time by the dishwasher, but everyday forks and spoons will be fine. Of course, if you have some sort of specialty utensil that says it is not dishwasher safe, it should be hand washed to protect it. But generally speaking, any utensils that fit comfortably in the utensil basket, will be safely cleaned by a cycle through the dishwasher.

You’ll Need New Pipes

Some people think they will have to run new pipes to install a dishwasher, but that is just not true. Dishwashers actually use the same pipes as your sink, that’s why they’re installed side by side. If you’re having trouble with your dishwasher not draining, check to see if your sink has a clog or your garbage disposal is backing up, since they share pipes. Likewise, if the dishwasher isn’t filling, check the hoses that come from the sink lines.

It Washes Everything

OK, so this myth probably isn’t keeping people from buying a dishwasher, but it is worth addressing. Not everything can go in the dishwasher. Some things in the kitchen are just not dishwasher safe, meaning that the force of the water jets and/or the heat of the dry cycle can damage or destroy them. Check each item to see if it can go into the dishwasher before you put it in, and if there’s doubt, play it safe and wash it by hand.

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