Do You Need to Replace Water Pipes During a Remodel?


Remodeling may be the best time to take a look at your bathroom or kitchen pipes.

If you’ve gotten yourself involved in a remodel of your kitchen or bathroom, you may be realizing how much of a project it really is to undertake. You’ll certainly want a plumber to come and inspect the plumbing that is hidden beneath each surface as there could be issues you haven’t even realized yet. During the remodel process all of the water pipes will be exposed, so it’s a great time to inspect and replace any damaged water pipes. That may lead you to wonder, do you really need to replace water pipes during a remodel?

How Much to Replace?

In an ideal world, nothing will have gone wrong and all of your current system will be fine to use. Any new fixtures you add into the space will hold up to that old plumbing system and you won’t have to worry about any tricky pipes or confusion. This isn’t always the case though, and some sections could be damaged, aged, or your new fixtures may be incompatible. You may need to replace the whole system or just certain sections, so be sure to ask your plumber what they would recommend and what would be the most cost-effective solution as well.

What Kinds of Materials?

Copper pipes are a pretty common choice for water pipes and most people continue to use water even after remodeling. Rely on a professional to do the installation, however, as copper piping requires soldering which is very hard to do on your own. There are also PEX and PVC choices, which are code-compliant as well as being cost-effective and may suit your needs.

Considering Rooms

Bathrooms and kitchens are fun spaces to remodel and the differences will be noticeable and visible to all of your friends and family. They also have the most plumbing involved, so things can get a little tricky. Be sure to call a plumber if you need anything repaired, replaced, or even just inspected.

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