What Causes Leaking Shower Heads?


A leaking shower head can drive your bills up but it’s not too hard to fix.

You may be noticing that sometimes your shower head will continue to obnoxiously drip even after you’ve shut the water off. This isn’t just annoying to hear, it actually costs you money via your water bill. There’s a number of reasons this could happen, but be sure to get it fixed as soon as you can, as it could lead to further and bigger issues.

Old Seal

Inside of a shower head, there are washers and O-rings intended to make watertight seals so there are no leaks in between the connections. Those seals can break over time, or simply wear out and become less effective. To solve this, you’ll want to take your shower head, take the seal to the store, and get an exact match. Install the new seal and your problem is fixed.

Bad Handles

If your shower has separate handles for cold and hot water, that means it has a compression faucet. The seals behind these faucets can go bad and make the shower head leak water. Figure out which handle is the culprit by feeling the water–hot water means it’s the hot handle, cold means it’s the cold. Take off that handle, remove the nut, and replace the seal: no more trouble!

Clogged Holes

Over time, holes in shower heads can become clogged by mineral deposits that develop. If some of these passages are blocked at once, it may cause water to leak out of the faceplate or even at the base of the handle. You can remove the mineral deposits by wrapping a plastic bag filled with vinegar around the shower head and let it stay like that over night. The next day, you’ll want to scrub the shower head with a brush to get rid of any residue.

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