Are You in Need of Sewer Repair?


Think you may be in need of sewer repair? Look out for these big warning signs.

If your home’s sewer is in need of repair, you might not have an immediate idea of what the problem might be. However, you’re likely to have noticed some of the many signs that the sewer is a source of the issue. If your sewer is to break or have issues, it can cause a wide variety of problems that can lead to serious health concerns and expensive repairs. While noticing early is not always possible, knowing the signs can help save you from long term damage.

Unpleasant Odors

There are few scents as distinct as the smell of sewage. When a sewer line leaks or , you may notice an incredibly unpleasant smell in or around your home. Often, if the scent is confined to a specific area, it indicates a smaller leak. If a larger area, or your entire home and property has an odor, it might be indicative that the problem is more substantial.

Drains Are Slow And Backup Frequently

While there are many reasons that drains and toilets can have backups and slow draining issues if multiple drains are backing up at once it is likely a sign of a severe sewer issue. While a clog in the main line might be the cause, other problems include animal influence, tree roots, and shifts in the ground.

Water Pools

If you notice that water is pooling on your property, you have reason for alarm whether it’s sewage or not. In the case of sewage, this is a severe health issue, and repairs must begin immediately. Keep an eye out for pools of water that occur regardless of precipitation.

Increasing Bugs and Vermin

Sewage is a favorite food source for many types of bugs and bacteria. When present the numbers of these bug populations will grow, and with it, the animals and vermin that eat insects will also increase. If you should find that your home and yard have a higher than usual number of bugs and critters it may be time to call in a professional to check on your sewer system.

Lush, Green Patches

Does your landscape have strange, high-performing areas where plants are greener and grow stronger? Nutrients found in sewage are great for plant life while being a severe problem for most other lifeforms. If a busted pipe is deep underground, you may not notice pooling water, but oddly lush plant life might be a sign for concern.

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