Plumbing Inspection Tips for New Home Buyers

Plumbing Inspection Tips for New Home Buyers

Every home buyer should get a professional plumbing inspection before making a serious offer.

Buying a house is a serious investment, which is why every home buyer should get a professional plumbing inspection before making a serious offer. Plumbing issues are very easy to overlook, and home inspectors might not take an in-depth look at all of the pipes, fixtures, sewer lines, and drains. While some problems have an easy and inexpensive fix, others could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair. No home buyer wants to end up in debt. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, you should schedule a professional plumbing inspection before you commit to a house. Read on to learn the essential plumbing inspection tips for locating possible plumbing issues!

Check Up on That Water Heater

Did you know that replacing your water heater could cost you thousands of dollars? As a home buyer, you do not want to face this kind of expense. Dampness, rust, and a lack of heated water are all signs of trouble. If the water heater is more than ten years old, it is near its lifespan. This is one plumbing inspection tip you should not forget.

Size Up That Sewage System

Many homes usually have either a septic system, or they are on city or county sewage. Either way, clogs, and leaks can create significant property damage if unattended. Look out for any unpleasant odors and pools of water around your home, and consider scheduling a professional video camera plumbing inspection of these sewer lines to get to the bottom of it.

Test All the Toilets

Flush all of those toilets, and make sure that they’re draining properly. Homebuyers should also lookout for discoloration and soft spots in the floors around the toilets. A leak can easily make your floor rot. If your plumbing inspection reveals that damage is already done, then you might want to take a look at some other homes.

Delve Into Those Drains

Clogged drains could lead to some severe plumbing leaks that are very costly for homebuyers to fix. As a part of your plumbing inspection, make sure the bathroom, kitchen, and basement drains are all free of clogs by turning on the faucets and letting them run for a couple of minutes. Look for some old watermarks and mold underneath the sinks too. Those are signs of older plumbing issues.

Look for Water Stains

Look at the ceilings of your potential home too. If you notice any brown stains, the house either has a roof leak or some leaky pipes. Some stains could be from an already-fixed problem, but as a possible homebuyer, you have to find out before you make an offer.

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