The Top Problems With Your Home’s Sinks

The Top Sink Problems that All Everyone Should Know

Sometimes homeowners can fall victim to ignoring their sinks until they need repairs.

Every home has a sink. If your home doesn’t have multiple sinks, then something might be wrong. They play a huge role in cleaning produce, dishes, our hands, and provide easy refreshment for when we’re thirsty. Sinks, their drains, and the faucets connected to them are really a part of our everyday lives. But, what if we told you that you may not know everything about your sinks? You might know how it operates and what it looks like, but what about its condition? Sometimes homeowners can fall victim to ignoring their sinks until they need repairs. Here are some of the best ways you can better protect your kitchen sink from issues that may arise.

Keeping Your Sink’s Drain Clean

Whatever gets flushed down your sink’s drains goes through your plumbing. It doesn’t just disappear like a lot of homeowners may think. This is why a lot of homeowners feel a bit surprised by drain clogs within their sinks. They just have not been paying close enough attention to all of the food waste that they’ve been dumping down it! Pay close attention to your drains and precisely what it is you flush down there. Here are a couple of ways to unclog your sink drains:

  • Mesh Screens are an excellent catch-all for the food waste that may not be suitable for your drains. Using one could help add years to your sink drain’s lifespan.
  • Plungers are great, but not the ones you would use for a toilet. Those are a different size. Drain plungers use pressurization to push out any clogged materials.
  • Drain Snakes are long, jagged, wiry objects that can catch things like food waste, and hair that might be stuck in your drain. As long as they are comprised of the proper material, they will not harm your drain and can be an incredible physical reprieve for drain issues.

Water Pressure Issues and Slow Drains

Drains only clog immediately once in a blue moon. Most of the time, a drain will get a bit sower and slower until it doesn’t drain one bit. Homeowners like to think that sluggish drains are a different issue that requires additional fixes, but most of the time, it is just another drain clog. Clogs usually form slowly, and that semi-clog will slow down your sink’s ability to drain any water. If you are struggling with sluggish drains, you may be dealing with a clog. If all of your home’s sink’s drains are slow to drain, there could be a more serious issue with your septic or sewer system.

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