Essential Plumbing Services to Use During a Kitchen Remodel

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A kitchen remodel can affect your plumbing, but planning for these services ahead of time will save you headaches.

A kitchen remodel can affect your plumbing, but planning for these services ahead of time will save you headaches. The key to a smooth remodel in any part of your home is to plan everything ahead of time. All the pieces you want to use, where you want to put them. Everything should be planned ahead to avoid a lengthy remodel and possible plumbing issues down the line. When planning your remodel, speak with our plumbers about what your needs and wants are. Our services are available to you during your remodel, so do not be afraid to reach out. 

Plumbing and Gas Lines Need Rerouting?

Moving appliances during a kitchen remodel means having a fully laid out plan for your plumbing. Gas lines, water pipes, and waste pipes will have to be moved to accommodate the new placements. A kitchen remodel allows you to truly make the kitchen of your dreams. However, if the new placement of your appliances requires new plumbing to the point that it would cause problems, consider we know what we are talking about. 

Installing Sinks and Dishwashers

If you plan on moving your sink and dishwasher, realize that the plumbing will also need to be moved around with it. Your water supply, waste pipes, and drain pipes will need to be moved with it. The sink needs access to hot and cold water for the faucet and a waste pipe for the drain. A dishwasher also needs access to water and a waste pipe. It is recommended that you connect your dishwasher to the pipes for your sink, hence why most homes have their dishwasher placed next to their sink. However, if you only upgrade the appliances and not move them to a different location, your plumbing bill will be cheaper. Depending on where your water line and waste pipes are, a dishwasher can be installed away from your sink. However, it will need extra piping and may lead to a bigger water bill. When upgrading your sinks and dishwashers, consider going for the bells and whistles. Our team is happy to install new sprayers, garbage disposals, or whatever you have in mind. This is your remodel and we are at your service.  

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