Choosing the Right Sink Faucet for Your Bathroom

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If you are planning a bathroom or kitchen remodel, read on to find out why you should put choosing a faucet at the top of your list.

If you are planning a bathroom or kitchen remodel, the last thing on your list to think about is probably the faucet. It is such a small thing. The faucet can make or break a room, however. You really want it to match everything else in the style, but you also want it to meet your needs. 

Types By Installation

There are several different types of faucet to choose from based on the way that they’re installed on your countertop, usually into pre-drilled holes (either one or three). For a single pre-drilled hole you’ll need a single hole faucet. These are a single piece that includes control for the water and temperature with a single mechanism and the faucet itself. For three drilled holes you have a couple of different options: centerset faucets are a single fixture but the hot and cold water are each delivered separately by separate holes and controlled individually. You could also have three separate holes for three different controls that are not unified as a single fixture, called a wideset faucet. In these, each faucet handle is it’s own piece and the faucet itself is it’s own piece. If your sink is a vessel type, you’ll need a vessel faucet for it. More often than not, these have a single activation handle that controls the flow and temperature, and they also have to be taller than a standard faucet because they have to reach up over the lip of the vessel. The final option that you have to choose from is a wall-mounted faucet – these are definitely less common but definitely a beautiful choice for a bathroom.

Types By Activation

Another way to categorize faucets is by how they are activated. Most faucets are activated by handles, either one that controls the temperature for both hot and cold or a separate one for each hot and cold. There are other faucet activation types, however. Touchless faucets have a sensor that senses when hands go under them and touch-types require a tap on the faucet itself to activate the running water. 


In addition to these varieties, you may have options to choose from. For example, handle type is one common option, including levers and cross handles which form an X. For faucets that don’t have two handles, the joystick variety is the most common type. In addition, to handle type, different faucets will come in different finishes and materials.


Finally, some faucets offer special features, including pull-out spouts to use for washing things from multiple angles and easy installation. Some states, Maryland included, are requiring that all new faucets be totally lead-free. There are also options for low flow or water sense, so make sure you’re looking at all of the details.

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