What Plumbing Updates Can Make Your Home More Valuable?


A few basic plumbing upgrades can increase the overall value of your home.

When you are thinking of ways to increase the value of your home, your plumbing system may not be the first thing to come to mind. However, there are several updates you can do that will increase the value of your home while helping add comfort and peace of mind to you while you live there.

Water Filtration

If you’re the type of person who prefers filtered or bottled water to tap you might be interested to see what options you have for a home filtration system. Not only can adding one reduce your waste from buying water bottles. But, if you add a whole home system you may notice a difference in your hair and skin as well. This feature can help improve not just taste but the quality and mineral content as well.

Remove Issues

It might be obvious but a great way to improve your home’s value is to ensure everything in your plumbing system is up-to-date and fully functional. If one toilet is always running or you have a leaky pipe under the sink potential buyers might be turned off. Not only will they be concerned that these things are indicative of larger problems, but these are issues inspectors look for as well.

Minor Bathroom Updates

If you aren’t looking to complete a full bathroom update replacing simple plumbing features can add a whole lot of character to an otherwise blah room. New shower heads, faucets, or sinks can make the bathroom feel completely new for very little money.

Kitchen Tweaks

Like in the bathroom, by making minor changes to the plumbing of the kitchen you can get an updated feel without a full remodel. A new sink or an improved faucet is often enough to bring the touch of drama and modernity your kitchen needs.

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