Preparing for a Professional Drain Cleaning

Mahon Plumbing Professional Drain Cleaning

The process of a professional drain cleaning will go smoothly with a little preparation beforehand.

Have you cleaned your own drains just to have them back up time after time? It may be time to think about a professional drain cleaning. So once the appointment for someone to look at your pipes has been made, you can do a few things around your home that will make it easier for the plumber to do their job effectively. Here are a few ways you to prepare for a drain cleaning. 

How Exactly Can You Prepare for a Professional Drain Cleaning? 

Make it Easy 

When a professional arrives at your home for a drain cleaning, easily accessible drains and sewer access points will ensure they can do their job correctly. You can start by clearing a path from your front door to the clogged drain. At least 3 feet around any doorways and drain access points will give your plumber plenty of room to maneuver, meaning they can access your drain quickly and safely.  

Keep it as Clean as Possible

Does your sink back up once a week or more? While it may seem cheaper or more convenient to use harsh chemicals to dissolve a clog, it may be doing more harm than good if it doesn’t immediately resolve the problem. These products can damage your pipes and create a dangerous environment for you and your family. 

If you’re experiencing sewage backup into your sink, it’s definitely time for a plumber to come out for a drain cleaning. However, if raw sewage is in the way, it’s difficult to tell what’s causing the backup. We recommend having a sewage removal professional visit your house to remove as much as possible before your appointment. 

Trust the Professionals

While it would be wonderful if all clogs and drainage issues could be solved with just a drain cleaning, sometimes that’s just not the case. A reputable plumbing company will gather background information about your problems, perform diagnostics on your system, and assess if more work needs to be done. 

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