The Importance of Drain Strainers

Mahon Plumbing Drain Strainers

Drain strainers are an affordable solution for keeping your drains clear of buildup and debris.

Drain strainers are vital in draining water from our kitchens, bathrooms, and any other place with sinks. A drain strainer is a perforated metal sieve that stops the passage of solid debris or large food, hair, or coffee ground particles. This filter works miracles if you want to prevent a clogged or blocked sink and bacteria. Also, plumbers commonly receive calls about foreign objects going down drains, mainly because of a small child’s curiosity. A filter can avoid these issues. Read on to learn more about the importance of drain strainers. 

Drain Strainers in the Kitchen

It’s problematic when hard items such as bones, vegetables, and fruit peels move down the drain because they can cause clogging. Additionally, it might require you to invest in drain cleaning regularly. Strainers prevent solid waste from moving down the drain, collecting the waste from atop this filter. 

The Bathroom Sink

Hair and floss can go down the bathroom sink drain and result in a clogged sink. In addition, accidents can happen, such as earrings and jewelry going down the bathroom sink. Sink filters prevent these issues from occurring. 

The Tub and Shower

Commonly, soap slips from people’s hands and goes down the drain. Also, because people wash, condition, and detangle hair in the shower, hair clumps become stuck. The strainers can overcome scenarios such as these. If you find that hair caught in the drain results in pooling water, use a vacuum to suck up the hair as a temporary fix. As a long-lasting clogging prevention method, use a drain strainer. 

Common Types of Kitchen Sink Drain Strainers

  1. Basket: Consists of metal or mesh, looks like a basket, and sits in the sink or drain without attaching to it. 
  2. Back Nut: Slips into the sink drain and fastened in place with a single back nut in the center. Once in place, you have to loosen the nut to remove the filter.
  3. Double Cup: A heavy-duty, doubled-stacked, cup-shaped option with metal that screws directly into the drain or plumbing system.
  4. Drain Strainer: An elemental, heavy-duty metal or mesh screen, sometimes including solid metal slits versus a colander-like mesh (a perforated bowl shape that strains liquid). 
  5. Flange: Ideal when your sink’s plumbing has a flange (a protruding external or internal ridge, lip, or rim used to connect pipes, valves, and other equipment to form a piping system). Like a back nut strainer, a flange strainer attaches to the existing flange via nuts and bolts. 
  6. Level: Attaches to water hoses and keeps debris from entering them. 
  7. Stopper: A sink strainer with a built-in stopper and center pin to disengage or engage the stopper. When the plug is up, water flows freely, and while down, the water stays in the sink until unplugged. 

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