How to Prevent Clogged Drains: Part 2


Clogged drains are no fun but they are easily preventable with these tips!

None of us want to deal with clogged drains. They’re incredibly stressful and can even be somewhat gross! If your clogged drains get bad enough, call a professional plumber like us. However, there are a few simple ways to prevent clogged drains from being problematic. We’ve already covered some of our favorite tips so read on below to find out even more!

Don’t Dump Grease

Pouring grease down your drains is one of the worst things you can do. As warm grease runs down your drain, it will begin to cool in the pipe, then congeal and form a clog. Soon enough, other things that go down your drain will start getting stuck in the grease, causing a major blockage. The solution is simple: don’t pour any grease or oil down your drain. Try to keep a jar to collect grease in and then throw it into the trash when it’s full.

Catching Hair Quick

The combination of hair and soap in your tub or shower drain creates clogs quickly. Most homeowners just purchase a drain snake to remove all of the hair after it has already built up, but it’s a nasty and obnoxious process. There are mesh screens out there that you can install to prevent hair from building up in your drain. You could also replace the stopped with one that already has a filter built into it.

Maintaining a Clean Pop-up Stopper

Those little pop-up stoppers on bathroom sinks are magnets for hair, dental floss, and all kinds of other gross stuff. It’s a great thing to keep that out of your drain, but it can have its own problems as well. Eventually all of that gunk will build up on the stopper itself and cause the sink to drain slower and slower. If this happens, it’s time to remove your pop-up stopper and give it a good clean.

Collecting Food Waste

While it’s easy to just grind your leftover food up and send it down the drain with the help of a disposer, it can also lead to clogged drains. The better idea is to collect organic waste in a container and throw it into a compost pile. Some cities already collect organic waste for composting, but if yours doesn’t, you can easily build your own compost bin.

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