Major Sink Problems You Can Prevent

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Read on to learn more about some common issues with sinks that you can do something about.

Depending on the size of your home, you may have multiple sinks you can use at any given time. However, it is imperative you keep your sinks in good condition to prevent mold growing or rust. Read on to learn more about some common issues with sinks that you can do something about.

Keep Your Drain Clear

The sink is connected to the rest of your plumbing. When things go down the sink drain, they go through your plumbing and do not “just disappear”. Unfortunately, debris will accumulate over time. To make cleaning your sink easier, consider getting some type of drain-catcher. Mesh screens are an excellent catch-all for food waste that may not be suitable for your drains. Using one could help add years to your sink drain’s lifespan.

Getting Rid of a Drain Clog

Plungers are great, but not the ones you would use for a toilet. Drain plungers use pressurization to push out any clogged materials. Drain snakes are long, jagged, wiry objects that can catch things like food waste and hair that might be stuck in your drain. As long as they are comprised of the proper material, they will not harm your drain and can be an incredible physical reprieve for drain issues. Keep in mind, depending on the age of your home, your plumbing may be incredibly fragile. Hiring a plumber from Mahon Plumbing will ensure your clog is taken care of safely. We use video cameras and other equipment to investigate the size, density, and more of a clog. 

Water Pressure and Slow Drains

If you ever notice a drastic change in water pressure, immediately call a plumber. Drastic changes in water pressure can indicate a plumbing leak or something wrong with your home’s water valve. To check your water pressure, look at your water tank. There will be a gauge that you can adjust to find the appropriate amount of water pressure. Generally, a slow drain is never caused by water pressure. A slow drain is a semi-clogged drain. Depending on where in your home your sink is, it could have food or hair buildup. Over time, sticky things in your drain glob together to create clogs. This is a slow process, and you will probably notice water draining slower and slower. Hire a professional to clean your drains instead of opting for a snake to avoid damaging your pipes or garbage disposal. 

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