A List of Things to Never Put Down Your Shower Drain

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Although it may seem like common sense, the shower drain cannot handle a lot of debris.

Although it may seem like common sense, the shower drain cannot handle a lot of debris. The shower drain is somewhat fragile and should be cleaned regularly to prevent clogs. Hair and dead skin are natural things for the shower drain. In this blog, we will list some of the things that could end up costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs. 

Small Toys and Plastics

Unfortunately, our kids can be quite destructive when it comes to play time. Bath time is no exception. Plastic pieces can become entrenched in clogs made from hair or other debris. This makes removing the clog incredibly difficult. Use a drain catcher to prevent any large pieces from accidentally floating down the drain. After your children have been cleansed, sweep the tub and shower to ensure no toys are left. Additionally, you won’t step on them the next time you shower. 


Probably the most important part of this list: vomit. Never puke in the shower. It can create a large clog that will grow mold and mildew without you realizing it until the mess is grotesque. Vomit contains stomach acid that wears down pipes and other plumbing, making the pipeline incredibly fragile. If you try to remove the clog yourself, you risk damaging the pipe. Additionally, vomit contains food that will continue to decompose in your drain, creating a biohazard. If you feel nauseous during your shower, puke outside of it. Bring a trash can next to the shower if your toilet is not close enough.

Fecal Matter

Again, this may seem like common sense but avoid putting fecal matter down your shower drain at all costs. Fecal matter contains millions of bacteria that will destroy your plumbing. Not to mention the awful smell. If a clog occurs that is full of fecal matter, it will take you hours to get the smell out of your bathroom. Poop is something all animals do, but it should never be done in the shower. If you or your child has an accident, remove the fecal matter from the shower or tub without getting any in the drain if you can. Consider calling our team to investigate if you notice an awful smell a few days later. 

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