Reasons Behind Low Water Pressure in Residential Homes


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As the springtime season ramps up, you might’ve noticed a water pressure dip while taking a shower or drawing a bath. Signs of low water pressure can include slow-running water, water that feels gentle to the touch, and even a washing machine that takes a long time to complete a cycle. While abnormal water pressure isn’t necessarily harmful in most instances, it can dip low enough to cause groundwater to enter into your pipes. In these circumstances, this allows harmful bacteria to enter into your home’s water supply, which may potentially cause illness when consumed. You can contact Mahon Plumbing to have an expert technician look into the source of your low pressure issues. In the meantime, here are a few reasons behind low water pressure in residential homes.

Improperly Functioning Water Softener Can Cause Low Water Pressure

One potential problem behind low pressure can be an improperly functioning water softener. An improperly functioning water softener can cause a sudden increase or decrease in water pressure, resulting in a noticeable difference in pressure when you run your water. For example, you might turn your shower on and then notice it suddenly goes from highly pressurized water to a slow trickle. This can be a possible sign of an improperly functioning water softener that you need to address.

Your Main Shut-Off Valve Isn’t Properly Aligned

You’ll want to check out your home’s main shut-off valve, which can be found directly where the main water pipe enters your home. Take a look at your main shut-off valve and ensure that it’s in the proper position: twisted all the way open to provide the most effortless flow of water into your home. If your water pressure is still low after turning your main shut-off valve into the proper position, you’ll want to contact Mahon Plumbing for an on-site consultation.

You Have Cracked or Leaking Pipes

Any pipes that are internally or externally cracked can cause leaking pipes and low pressure. This can also enable groundwater to seep into your residential water system, potentially introducing harmful bacteria into your water supply. You’ll want to get cracked and leaking pipes addressed immediately through Mahon Plumbing, which can help straighten out your low water pressure problems. We even have video camera services available to get to the bottom of all your plumbing problems. Contact Mahon Plumbing today!

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