Signs it’s Time to Repair Your Sewer Lines

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Typically, there are a few signs you can look out for when you think that an underlying problem (like a sewer line issue) is occurring.

While it’s normal for a homeowner to experience a clogged pipe here and there, a slow drain, or even a sputtering shower head — it can be more difficult to tell when there’s a serious underlying problem that needs to be addressed. When a major plumbing problem is occurring within your home, you’ll want to have it addressed immediately in order to ensure that it doesn’t become a costly financial problem. Typically, there are a few signs you can look out for when you think that an underlying problem (like a sewer line issue) is occurring. The professionals at Mahon Plumbing believe that these are the top three signs that it’s time to repair your sewer lines. Read on to find out more!

You Need a Sewer Line Repair: Sewage Backups

Any sewage backups into your home are a telltale sign that you desperately need a sewer line repair. Contact the professionals at Mahon Plumbing, or if it’s after hours, immediately contact our emergency line and we will dispatch a technician out to your home within the next two hours. This is especially important for houses that have experienced numerous back-ups that simply aren’t resolving on their own. Don’t take matters into your own hands! 

If You Smell Sewage or a Gas Odor, Get a Sewer Line Repair

As the saying goes, the nose always knows. If you smell a strong odor throughout your house that smells like sewage or a foul gas, you need to immediately evacuate your home and contact Mahon Plumbing’s emergency services. When your sewer line is healthy, it’s odors will be able to freely escape through proper ventilation. An unhealthy, damaged sewer line will experience ventilation problems that cause a distinct, off-putting smell. As a toxic odor, it can cause your house to potentially catch on fire, so immediate action is necessary.

Visible Cracks in Your Foundation

If you observe visible cracks in the foundation of your home, it may be a sign of a sewer line issue or sewer pipes leaking. When sewer pipes begin to leak, they can spill out into your house and cause visible cracks in your foundation over time. A video camera inspection can hopefully get to the bottom of where your sewer line leak may be, and Mahon Plumbing has the necessary technology to observe where your problems lie. 

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