Reasons Not to Use a Drain Snake on Galvanized Pipes

When performing a drain cleaning with a drain snake, be sure that you are not doing so on galvanized pipes.  Here is a quick guide on reasons that these galvanized pipes should not be unclogged with a drain snake.

Galvanized pipes are found mainly in older homes.  They are generally used for water lines, not gas lines. Galvanized pipes tend to flake off and can clog up your system if you don’t wash them off enough. Snaking the drain would unclog it but would damage the inside more and cause future clogs. This is why galvanized pipes are quickly being replaced in homes to avoid this problem.

Besides the chipping due to old age, galvanized pipes are weaker than new pipes.  This is because they are older and found in older homes, but also because of the composition of the pipes. Snaking the drain doesn’t just cause problems with the interior of the pipe, it also doesn’t seem to help the situation for very long.

Besides the drain snake there are other solutions to clogged drains. If a drain is sluggish but not completely clogged, you can run hot water for 5-10 minutes to try to ease the clog.  If running hot water does not work, you can use an environmentally safe drain opener to unclog your drain.

If your drain is completely clogged there are some different steps to take. You can use a simple suction cup to unclog your pipe.  If you cannot open your drain with a suction cup there are other actions that you can do.  First, place a pail underneath of your sink trap and remove the cleanout plug and the washer.  If the drain is only partially clogged a few probes with a screwdriver should solve your problem.  For any advice on clog problems contact Mahon Plumbing here.

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