Finding and Fixing Leaks in a Clean Out Pipe

If you think that you might have a leak in your sewer pipe, this article explains the different ways to tell. The longer you let a leak remain, the more trouble it will be for you to fix it later. If you suspect a leak in your sewer pipe it is best to be proactive about the issue.


If you happen to notice that the sewage clean out cap is sinking, then this could be a sign of a leak. Pay attention to how long the sinking has been going on and how severe it is. If you suspect a leak you should get a shovel and dig down and around your clean out pipe. As you do this observe whether or not you can see a leak. It is a good idea to have someone inside flushing the toilet so that the leak will be more visible to you.


If you happen to notice a leak, it is always easiest to call a professional. This might be your best bet because you run no risk of damaging your pipe or causing a bigger leak when you are digging.

Do It Yourself

If you do decide to repair your leak yourself be very careful. If your pipes are not aligned make sure to dig a very large hole so that there will be room for the larger pipes to make up for the lack of alignment. You can use rubber boot coupling connectors that will slide over your pipes and be tightened with hose clamps. These are very easy to install as well.

Keep an eye on your ground to be able to detect a leak. For any of your leak or plumbing needs contact Mahon Plumbing at 410-766-8566 or here.

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