The Top Signs for Some Sump Pump Services

The Top Signs for Some Sump Pump Services

You need sump pump services every few years, as they do not last forever.

Any water that flows down to your basement will make it’s way to the lowest point, which is why sump pumps are in the sump pits at the lowest point of your basement. Once water enters your basement, the pump pulls it away from the foundation into the wastewater system, keeping your basement clean from flooding. You need sump pump services every few years, as they do not last forever. Read on for some of the top indications for sump pump services in your home.

Makes Odd Noises

Sounds that come from your sump pump indicate worn down or damaged parts. If that motor noise from your sump pump is excessive, the motor could have a failed bearing. Rattling and grinding sounds might mean a jammed or damaged impeller, the fan on the very bottom that pulls water inside the pump.

Is Constantly Running

The leading cause of your sump pump running all the time is a switch issue. The float is responsible for the smooth and sound operation from the off/on switch. The household sump pump relies on both the switch and float arm mechanisms to operate fully. Switch problems can occur when the pump shifts inside the basin, rendering the float entirely ineffective, or the switch will lose connection with the power source. If your sump pump is running continuously for no apparent reason, it might not be able to handle the water load that it is supposed to. You might want to consider some sump pump services.

Visible Rusting

The brown stuff is never a good sign for your plumbing systems. Rust could be coming from corroded battery terminals, but sometimes the discoloration is from bacteria. Usually referred to as iron bacteria because of the color, the blight feeds off the iron in water, which causes discoloration and, in very extreme cases, a gel-like substance that could clog plumbing, including your home’s sump pump. This could lead to issues with your drainage system and is a reason to call in a plumber for sump pump services.

Common Power Outages

Most sump pumps are wired directly to your house’s electrical system. Some components of the sump pump might be vulnerable to damage from power surges, leading to pump failure. It is recommended you install an auxiliary sump pump that runs off of a marine battery. If you only back up your power system and not your pump, you protect yourself from power failures.

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